Pip Elysium


Hi, my name is Pip Elysium. My first experience of Acroyoga was nine years ago in London UK, and I have been teaching yoga teachers and practitioners to fly for the last seven years internationally. I am passionate about movement, and train teachers to ensure the art form continues to the highest of standards. 

Opening the first dedicated AcroYoga Studio (former co founder of AcroYogaDance) in London UK, all of my methods have been tried and tested since 2015. The progressions of movement have proven successful for students of movement & non movement backgrounds.

With understanding the relationship and connection between both partners, I teach this system to my students through creative expressive choreography.


 "Training with

Pip changed my life"

- Academy Student, Leo

I am a 500hr Yoga teacher, STOTT Pilates, Barre Concept Teacher amongst other qualifications. My experience has allowed me to distill the essential elements that make up movement dynamic fluidity of AcroYoga.

I am dedicated to inspire others to achieve their dreams, encourage success and rise to the top of their capability by either practicing AcroYoga/movement or using it as creative expression.

I have also worked creatively for big brands such as JDSports and has performed to over 70,000 people at Wembley Stadium. One of the top 10 teachers for Wanderlust TV, you can find a variety of my series online and at the festivals.

Graduating from The University of Arts, studying Display Design and having completed Ballet & Contemporary Dance with Legat, I have combined my passion of Art and Movement. I have formed a unique direction which has gained trust by large and local brands.

As of right now, I am currently in Bali. Where I have the blessed opportunity to explore movement creatively through Dance and Acro. Please feel free to be in touch for a workshop in your area for my next summer international tour 2023.