AcroYoga + Handstands Weekend

in Tunbridge Wells

We invite you to experience this practice of connection, communication and beauty

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Skills Covered:

  •  AcroYoga Foundations
  • Handstands
  • Beginners Sequence
  • Spotting


Location & Date:

Date: 1 Oct Sat Sun, 

Early Bird: £35 (Discount if bringing a friend - please contact me)

Time: 3-5.30pm

Location: Tunbridge Wells, Oakley Fitness


In this Workshop you'll flow in groups and pairs and be shown a variety of techniques (beginner/improver) followed by a Beautiful Sequence. You'll have fun, be challenged and do things you didn't think you were capable of!

What students are saying...

"Pip is an excellent teacher and she is committed to their students' progress and success. I joined the academy last year and I love it. My skills and practice have improved drastically.

I can't wait to see what else Pip has in store."



"Pip is extremely inspirational and caring for her students and I am glad to be part of the movement. I absolutely love every aspect of it. At first, students tend to focus on acrobatics and handstands and then we go back to the aspect of serenity, grace and moving as one.

I have re-built the great skill to trust people which does not come easy to me! This is my biggest achievement!"

"I've been fortunate to work with Pip for several years now and everytime, I am in awe of her knowledge, patience, talent and energy. Not only does she teach amazing fundamentals for practice but also how to support and grow. 

I cannot recommend Pip enough as a friend, mentor and wizard!"



The Teacher

Hi, my name is Pip Elysium and I currently live in Bali. My first experience of Acroyoga was nine years ago in London UK, and I have been teaching yoga teachers and practitioners to fly for the last seven years internationally. I am passionate about movement, and train teachers to ensure the art form continues to the highest of standards. 

Opening the first dedicated former AcroYoga Studio in London UK, all of my methods have been tried and tested since 2015. The progressions of movement have proven to be successful for students of movement & non movement backgrounds.

With understanding the relationship and connection between both partners, I teach this system to my students, through creative expressive choreography.

I love to bring the beauty of movement and exceptional quality of line to the demonstration of AcroYoga. I am dedicated to inspire others to help achieve their dreams, encourage success and rise to the top of their capability by either practicing AcroYoga/movement or using it as creative expression.


1st Oct Sun - Tunbridge Wells - Bring a friend & get a discount (please contact me)

Book Now (£35)



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