In just four weeks you'll deepen connection with your partner, fear less & fly in sequences




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The World's First AcroYoga Academy:



Do you want to experience the deepest and most intimate connections in your relationship(s)?

Discover your trust, communication skills whilst exercising and having fun?

Are you looking to gain more understanding with progressive learning with acroyoga in a explorative way?

Or maybe you’d like to become more fear-less and feel more confident within yourself and your partnership(s)… whilst having a ton of fun?

Then we’ve absolutely got you covered!


We’ve absolutely got you covered!


Combination of all the knowledge, techniques and  experience 

Connection & Trust

All you and your partner need to begin, establish, and build a fun and solid AcroYoga practice!

Progressive Plan

You will learn the AcroYoga Fundamentals with basing and flying to transition to flow

"Pip guides you step-by-step with clear instructions  Everybody is very helpful and friendly and you see yourself doing things you could never imagine. Ready to go beyond yourself? Come and join this beautiful playful community!

Stella, Academy Student

What's included:

  • Workshop Style Training
  • Online Analysis
  • Beginner/Improver poses
  • Beginner/Improver Transitions
  • Hand To Hand & Foot To Hand Progressions
  • Washing Machine Progression
  • Beginner/Improver Flows
  • Therapeutics
Level 1


Level 1

Journey To AcroYoga

Level 2

AcroYoga In Motion

Level 2



This plan teaches you and your partner how to move each other’s weight with the help of understanding technique. You will learn the AcroYoga Fundamentals and progressions through poses and transitions that make up the final sequence and flow

The AcroYoga Academy 

takes you deep into training..

The academy combines all of the knowledge, techniques and hands-on experience you and your partner need to begin, establish, and build a fun and solid AcroYoga practice!

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Hi, my name is Pip Elysium. My first experience of Acroyoga was nine years ago in London UK, and I have been teaching yoga teachers and practitioners to fly for the last seven years internationally. I am passionate about movement, and train teachers to ensure the art form continues to the highest of standards. 

Opening the first dedicated AcroYoga Studio in London UK, all of my methods have been tried and tested since 2015. The progressions of movement have proven success for students of movement & non movement backgrounds.

With understanding the relationship and connection between both partners, she teaches this system to her students, choreography and through her own expression.

Pip brings the beauty of movement and exceptional quality of line to the demonstration of AcroYoga. Pip is dedicated to inspire others to achieve their dreams, encourage success and rise to the top of their capability by either practicing AcroYoga/movement or using it as creative expression.