"I joined the Academy and this was a start of an amazing acroyoga journey with  great acroyoga teachers.

I have observed great progress not only of my own practice, but of the whole group. Hand to hand doesn't seem to be a great deal anymore and what seemed to be impossible is now a bread and butter of my practice. I got seriously addicted to acroyoga"

Natalia, Academy Student

"I remember when first seeing AcroYoga thinking ‘I’d love to that!’ I did a few workshops & learnt loads but it was only when I joined the Academy that I really felt I started to make progress. This year long programme (who passionately believe in their students), working with the same people each week has taken my practice to the next level. Thursdays are the highlight of my week and even the ‘homework’ in between is fun! The academy has created an incredibly supportive & caring community, family of acroyogis where everyone is valued and encouraged. I’ve enjoyed it so much I’m now also doing the Teacher Training"

Pippa, Academy Student

"Pip is extremely inspirational and caring for their students and I am glad to be part of the movement. Acroyoga is now part of me and I absolutely love every aspect of it. At first, students tend to focus on acrobatics and handstands and then we go back to the aspect of serenity, grace and moving as one.

I have re-build the great skill to trust people which does not come easy to me! This is my biggest achievement!"

Aleksandra, Academy Student






I started acroyoga last year after watching a short youtube video of Pip. I found them on the internet and contacted them immediately to express my interest in their work.

I joined the Academy soon after. At every session I'm leaving feeling amazed with my progress. I hope that you try and see it for yourself"

Sina, Academy Student

Pip is an excellent teacher and she is committed to their students' progress and success. I joined the academy last year and I love it. My acroyoga skills and practice have improved drastically.

I can't wait to see what else Pip has in store.

Emily, Academy Student

I've been fortunate to work with Pip for several years now and everytime, I am in awe of her knowledge, patience, talent and energy. Not only does she teach amazing fundamentals for practice but also how to support and grow. Acroyoga alliance is a safe, creative and incredible space to explore and grow as an individual and partnership.

I cannot recommend Pip enough as a friend, mentor and wizard!

Jade, Academy Student